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Celebrate International Traffic

The Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum celebrates by collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior the International Traffic Day, by displaying a collection of Classic and current Police and Traffic Cars at the main exhibition hall of the museum, where it will be possible for the public to attend and enjoy watching classic & modern police cars, they can also listen to a detailed explanation about each car and its use. The Museum official working hours are from in the morning to twelve in the afternoon and from five o'clock pm to eight pm.
Eng. Zakaria Dashti add: "We have enjoyed working with the Interior Ministry, which responded to the call kindly to show the ministry's cars in the museum to celebrate the International Traffic Day and for a week after that, where it will be possible for the public view of old cars development that took place on this special type of cars from the old vehicles to the new ones that are fitted with the latest technology of security. We hope to repeat such events because of the nice feedback that we got from out visitors “
The Museum is displaying Mercedes Police Car from the period of the sixties, and from the eighties the Chevrolet Impala and Caprice form the nineties and also displays the latest police cars and Dodge Charger is equipped with smart system. The museum displays also Police motorcycles old and modern that have been used in the service.
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