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Car Museum City


Museum City

Education through entertainment

Look at it which ever way you will, but theres no denying the fact that Kuwait has a lamentable record on road safety. The nation stands near the top of every global list that looks at accident and fatality rates.

The Kuwait Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum concerns itself not only with the preservation of Kuwaits motoring heritage but also safeguarding and protecting contemporary motoring through education and awareness.

Their Museum Citystands as the most tangible example of this commitment to improving Kuwaits road safety record.

Located within the museum complex, Museum Cityprovides a unique and self-contained driving experience for 6 to 16 year-olds.

Arrive & Drive

Popular with schools but also open to the general public, the facility houses a realistic road network with traffic lights, road signs and road markings all mirroring those found on all major roads.

Having first registered and been entertained (and educated) by a specially prepared lecture on the rules of the road, the children are invited to engage in a question and answer session with qualified instructors.

Only then are they issued with their licenceand introduced to their electrically-powered vehicles. Practical implementation of the rules learned during the theory session is invaluable. As they move throughout the road network they are obliged to deal with other road-usersand interact with real-lifedriving situations.

Needless to say, mistakes made on the road at Museum City are all part of the learning experience, and mean one less mistake likely to be made on the citys streets.

Museum City is open daily from Saturday to Thursday, from 8am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.

Admission is free. 


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