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Workshops dedicated to classic cars

The Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum of Kuwait was established, specifically to encourage and promote the preservation of culture and heritage within the automobile sector in Kuwait and the region. It is, and will remain, a focal point for the classic car community and is one that connects current and future generations to their past.

The museum is home to a collection of more than forty historic and classic motor vehicles, in addition to offering extensive facilities in support of these vehicles and the vehicles of private collectors within Kuwait.

Workshop Facilities

The Museum is very fortunate to have H. H. Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, supporting the Museum  with all it's needs and making sure that Classic Cars Collectors benefits from their membership.

The museum is well equipped to support Kuwait's classic car collectors. The main workshop facility includes six garages, each of which is kitted out with everything needed in order to fully service any make or model of classic car.

Facilities include car-jacks and ramps as well as inspection pits. The latest equipment is available to enable owners to check for faults as well as to conduct regular inspections of all details of their automobile including engine, gearbox, electrics and bodywork.

Part of the pleasure of owning a classic or vintage vehicle is generated through the knowledge and the experience the owner can enjoy through working on their car themselves. The finest way to get to know your car is without doubt by spending time under the hood!

Nevertheless, expert advice is always on hand from one of the museum's fully-qualified technicians. Enthusiasts, like yourselves, technicians are available to assist you in tackling those trickier projects, or to help find the root of a difficult to solve problem.

The workshop is supported by a well-stocked library which holds a wide range of books and technical manuals on classic and vintage cars.

The facilities of the workshop, and indeed the support from their technicians, is provided by the museum to classic car owners free of charge. The owner is required only to supply the parts that may be required to repair or service their vehicle.

The museum regularly holds technical workshops where all are welcome to gain experience on the intricacies of working on classic cars. During these workshops the museum's technicians demonstrate the correct use of equipment, and how to service classic cars.

To find out more about the museum's workshops, or to book at time to bring your car in, contact the Technical Committee at the museum.